Triangular Norms
2000, 406 S, Gb, (Springer)
Bestell-Nr. 131317

269,64 EUR

Triangular norms were first used in the context of probabilistic metric spaces in order to extend the triangle inequality from classical metric spaces to this more general case. The theory of triangular norms has two roots, viz., specific functional equations and the theory of special topological semigroupS These are discussed in Part I. Part II of the book surveys several applied fields in which triangular norms play a significant part: probabilistic metric spaces, aggregation operators, many-valued logics, fuzzy logics, sets and control, and non-additive measures together with their corresponding integralS Part I is self contained, including all proofs, and gives many graphical illustrationS The review in Part II shows the importance if triangular norms in the field concerned, providing a well-balanced picture of theory and applicationS


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