Classics in the History of Greek Mathematics
2004, 473 S, Gb, (Springer)
Bestell-Nr. 131441

256,80 EUR

This volume includes a selection of 19 classic papers on the history of Greek mathematics that were published during the 20th century and affected significantly the state of the art of this field. It is divided into six thematic sections and covers all the major issues of the Greek mathematical production. First, the inclusion in one volume of a considerable number of papers that had been published for the first time in old, and in certain cases hard to find, scientific journals representing turning-points in the history of the field, constitutes a particularly useful aid for all those working on the history of mathematicS Second, by means of the selected papers and the introductory texts of six well-known modern historians of ancient mathematics that accompany them, the reader can follow the ways the historiography of Greek mathematics developed. Finally, the introductory texts that precede each chapter help the reader to approach critically the selected papers and at the same time to get an idea of the issues being further clarified by the new historiographical approacheS The audience of the book includes scholars from history and philosophy of mathematics and mathematical sciences, scholars from history of science, students in the field of history of mathematics and history of scienceS


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