Responsible Genetics
The Moral Responsibility of Geneticists for the Consequences of Human Genetics Research
2002, 300 S, Gb, (Springer)
Bestell-Nr. 131464

181,89 EUR

The book addresses a number of well-known issues - the ethical, legal, and social implications of human genetics - but does so from a perspective that has received almost no attention: the perspective of the scientific community itself. The rhetoric of `scientific responsibility' is prominent in many discussions of genetic research ethics, but the concept is seldom defined. This book provides a more precise analysis of what it could mean. In distinction to what is common in the ELSI literature, the book also discusses bioethical method. A new kind of casuistry is developed on the basis of the empirical findings of cognitive semanticS The book will be of interest to philosophers, bioethicists, and geneticistS Because it addresses broad policy issues, it will also be of interest to science policymakerS


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