Gardens and the Passion for the Infinite
2002, 368 S, Gb, (Springer)
Bestell-Nr. 131557

197,94 EUR

What essentially is a garden? Is it a small plot of land that we put aside to cultivate our favourite vegetables or to grow flowers for our personal enjoyment? Or is it a symbol, a mirror, a reflection of our human passions? Within the context of phenomenology/ontopoiesis-of-life, we find the significance of the garden inscribed within the web of the Human Condition, creatively unfurling its form from the vital basis to its loftiest swings of the period. The aesthetic synthesis of our passions is carried by the logoic promise of life - its infinite renewal and infinite response. The topic of the present volume is the mysterious ways in which Imaginatio Creatix plays within the human ingrowness in natural life, transposing dreams, nostalgias, and enchantmentS


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