Enhancing Humanity
The Philosophical Foundations of Humanistic Education
2003, 252 S, Gb, (Springer)
Bestell-Nr. 131570

160,49 EUR

Drawing on the tradition of Pragmatic Humanism, this book offers an alternative approach to thinking and talking about liberal and humanistic education that breaks free from what Richard Rorty has called "outworn vocabularies and attitudeS" This book: -aims to reach beyond and integrate the Classical, Romantic, Existentialist, and Radical Approaches; -presents an integrative model of humanistic education that will address the needs and trends of humanity at the beginning of the 21st century; -provides an historical review of central approaches in humanistic education; -focuses on the principles and ways of humanistic moral education; -concludes with a critical and prescriptive discussion of humanistic education in the test of current social, political, and cultural eventS


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