Logic for Concurrency and Synchronisation
De Queiroz
2003, 308 S, Gb, (Springer)
Bestell-Nr. 131603

181,89 EUR

The study of information-based actions and processes has been a vibrant interface between logic and computer science for decades now. The individual chapters of this book show the state of the art in current investigations of process calculi with mainly two major paradigms at work: linear logic and modal logic. Viewed together, the chapters also offer exciting glimpses of future integration with obvious links including modal logics for proof graphs, labelled deduction merging modal and linear logic, Chu spaces linking proof theory and model theory and bisimulation-style equivalences for analysing proof processeS The combination of approaches and pointers for further integration also suggests a grander vision for the field. In classical computation theory, Church's Thesis provided a unifying and driving force. Likewise, modern process theory would benefit immensely from a synthesis bringing together paradigms like modal logic, process algebra, and linear logic. If this Grand Synthesis is ever going to happen, books like this are needed!


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