A Guide to Classical and Modern Model Theory
2003, 384 S, Kt, (Springer)
Bestell-Nr. 131612

80,24 EUR

Since its birth, Model Theory has been developing a number of methods and concepts that have their intrinsic relevance, but also provide fruitful and notable applications in various fields of MathematicS It is a lively and fertile research area which deserves the attention of the mathematical world. This volume: -is easily accessible to young people and mathematicians unfamiliar with logic; -gives a terse historical picture of Model Theory; -introduces the latest developments in the area; -provides 'hands-on' proofs of elimination of quantifiers, elimination of imaginaries and other relevant matterS A Guide to Classical and Modern Model Theory is for trainees and professional model theorists, mathematicians working in Algebra and Geometry and young people with a basic knowledge of logic.


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