Phantasy, Image Consciousness, and Memory (1898-1925)
2005, 725 S, Gb, (Springer)
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This is the first English translation of Husserliana XXIII, the volume in the critical edition of Edmund Husserl's works that gathers together a rich array of posthumous texts on representational consciousnesS The lectures and sketches comprising Husserliana XXIII come from a period of enormous productivity and pivotal development in Husserl's philosophical life, extending from the years immediately preceding the Logical Investigations (1900-01) almost to the time of his retirement in 1928. They make available the most profound and comprehensive Husserlian account of image consciousness—the awareness we have when we look at a picture or see a play—and of its relation to art and the aesthetic. They explore phantasy in depth, and furnish nuanced accounts of perception and memory. They enrich the Husserlian analysis of time consciousness and offer a fascinating picture of the sometimes tortuous paths Husserl took in his efforts to comprehend how the forms of representation are constituted and how they are related to one another and to perception. Phantasy, Image Consciousness, and Memory should prove to be an indispensable resource for Husserlian phenomenologists and for anyone else interested in thinking about these fundamental phenomena.

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