The Metaphysics of Good and Evil According to Suarez
Gracia / Davis
1989, 294 S, Gb, (Philosophia)
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This volume contains the first translation into English of the two metaphysical disputations that Francisco Suárez (1548-1617) devoted to good and evil, Disputations X and XI of the 54 Disputationes Metaphysicae (1596). It also contains relevant passages on those topics selected from Disputation XXIII and other works in an appendix.The translation is preceded by a substantial introduction which presents an interpretation of Suárez's metaphysical view of good and evil and locates it within a philosophical and historical framework.The notes to the translation identify the textual sources to which Suárez refers and clarify the occasional problems found in die text. The Glossary aims to clarify Suarez's technical terminology and to identify die common understanding of terms by scholastics, pointing out, when possible, their source in Aristotle or his Latin commentators.An English-Latin index provides the Latin equivalents of English terms used in the text and the bibliography lists the works cited in the volume as well as other pertinent sources. The volume contains also a detailed subject index.,The translation is readable, with copious annotations to identify Suárez's references and, where necessary, to provide further explanatory material. A glossary offering often extended notes on over two hundred Scholastic technical terms should make reading The Metaphysics of Good and Evil According to Suárez a fruitful exercise for those not previously well versed in the terminology of the Schoolmen. The volume also contains indices of the Latin equivalents of key terms in the English translation, of the authors cited by Suárez and by the editors, and a subject index. A comprehensive bibliography concludes this exemplary edition."(Irish Philosophical Journal, 1990)Of interest to:Philosophers, logicians, medievalists, theologians, historians of these disciplines

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