God, World, and Time
Mercier, André
1996, 284 S, Pb, (Lang)
Bestell-Nr. 141948

78,40 EUR

It is absurd to speak of a so-called 'existence of God', since to exist etymologically means 'to come forth into time' and Time, like existence, itself is a result of Divine creation. One should speak of 'proofs of God', and not of His existence. It is essential to understand that Time does not flow from the past towards the future, but from the future: the To-Come, where God absconds, into the past. Einstein's interpretation of a 'space-time' is consequently not a generalization of space, but of Time, and ought rather to be called Time-Space.Whereas Physics is the science of the Commensurable, metaphysics is the Science of the Incommensurable. Philosophic and religious thoughts are complementary and therefore not contradictory. Science does not make religious thought obsolete. Yet their complementary nature cannot be overcome other than within the frame of an authentic mystique.


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