The Pañcakramatippaní of Munisíbhadra
Introduction and Romanized Sanskrit Text
Jiang / Tomabechi
1996, 105 S, Pb, (Lang)
Bestell-Nr. 141949

48,20 EUR

This volume contains a diplomatic edition of a rare Sanskrit manuscript of Munisribhadra's commentary on the Pañcakrama. This manuscript, which was discovered in Tibet, is of a special importance for the study of Indian Tantric Buddhism, for, among the many commentaries on the Pañcakrama, Munisribhadra's Tippani is the only one conserved both in its Sanskrit original and in its Tibetan translation. In the Introductory Remarks, the editors of the volume discuss the textual transmission and the paleographical features of the manuscript. A detailed table of concordance between the Sanskrit manuscript and the Tibetan translation is also provided.


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