Subjective Universality in Kant's Aesthetics
Wilson, Ross
2007, 236 S, Kt, (Lang)
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Drawing on a wide range of scholarship, this book offers a new and comprehensive examination of Kant's argument that aesthetic judgements are combined with a claim to subjective universality. The author gives a detailed account of the background to this claim in Kant's epistemology, logic, and metaphysics, before closely attending to the crucial sections of the Critique of the Power of Judgement. In particular, it is shown that Kant's aesthetics requires that his theory of the subject be rethought. Central to the theory of the subject that begins to emerge from the Third Critique is Kant's enigmatic notion of 'life' which is extensively explored here. This study, therefore, thoroughly examines the central features of Kant's account of aesthetic judgements, suggesting that a new and exciting theory of subjectivity begins to be outlined in Kant's aesthetics. The author argues for the placement of Kant's account of the subjective universality of aesthetic judgement at the centre of contemporary philosophical aesthetics.
The Author: Ross Wilson is a Junior Research Fellow at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, where he completed his doctoral dissertation in 2004. He has recently finished a book on Theodor Adorno for the Routledge Critical Thinkers series and is editing a volume on the idea of 'life' in Romantic poetry and poetics. Elected to a Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship from October 2007, he is planning to conduct research on the idea of 'immortal verse' in Romantic poetry, as well as to continue work on the post-Kantian aesthetic tradition.


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