Eco-Ethics and Contemporary Philosophical Reflection
The Technical Conjuncture and Modern Rationality
McCormick, Peter
2008, 192 S, Kt, (Winter)
Bestell-Nr. 146349

26,00 EUR

This is the first of two volumes dedicated to a sympathetic yet critical articulation of eco-ethics, the project of the distinguished contemporary Japanese philosopher, Tomonobu Imamichi. The basic idea of an eco-ethics is that the now global technological transformation of the human milieu requires radical ethical innovation. In the first of two books published simultaneously, Peter McCormick sets out the major lines of the eco-ethical project in comparison and contrast with outstanding work in contemporary philosophical reflection. He elucidates eco-ethics sympathetically but critically under four headings - moral and ethical realisms, correspondence and coherence accounts of truth, rationalities and aesthetics, interpretation theories and relativisms.


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