Platonism and Forms of Intelligence
Dillon / Zovko (Hg)
2008, 352 S, 9 Abb, GB, (Akademie)
Bestell-Nr. 146740

69,80 EUR

The volume "Platonism and Forms of Intelligence" contains a collection of papers presented at the International Symposium of the same title, which took place in Hvar, Croatia, from October 9-13, 2006. The volume represents, nonetheless, more than just an anthology of conference papers. Uniting under a single theme a diverse international group of experts, not only from the area of Platonic studies, but also from other academic and non-academic professions, it transcends the boundaries of univocally academic research in the humanities to initiate an exchange of ideas between specialists on Platonism and representatives from other areas of scholarship, as well as from the arts and education.
In recent years there has been an upsurge of interest in the study of Plato, Platonism and Neoplatonism. Until now, however, the kind of interdisciplinary forum initiated by the International Symposium has been lacking. Taking the position that it is of vital importance to establish an ongoing dialogue among scientists, artists, academics, theologians and philosophers concerning pressing issues of common interest to humankind, this collection of papers endeavours to bridge the gap between contemporary research in Platonist philosophy and other fields where insights gained from the study of Plato and Platonist philosophy can be of consequence and benefit.

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