Ethics and Human Rights in a Globalized World
An Interdisciplinary and International Approach
Hoffmann-Holland, Klaus (Hg)
2009, 353 S, Gb, (Mohr)
Bestell-Nr. 147952

74,00 EUR

In a globalized world, an interdisciplinary dialogue on ethics and human rights is possible, necessary and fruitful for jurisprudence. Ethics can serve as a foundation for human rights and also shape "existing" (recognized) human rights. The enforcement of human rights, especially in international criminal law, as well as the implementation structures bring the ideas and principles of rights to life in a globalized world.This work contains articles that were presented at an international and interdisciplinary conference on "Ethics and Human Rights in a Globalized World" in Jerusalem in the fall of 2008. Young researchers from Israel and Germany, who work in the fields of law, philosophy, political science and theology, deal with the foundation of human rights, the conflict between varying human rights and effective implementation structures.
Contributors: Aharon Barak, Julia Volkmann-Benkert, Daniel Bogner, Sigrid Boysen, Birte Brodkorb, Ferry Bühring, Felicitas Chen, Hadas Eyal, Tali Gal, Alona Hagay-Frey, Klaus Hoffmann-Holland, Elisa Hoven, Kristina Kühl, Claudia Mahler, Markus-Michael Müller, Salif Nimaga, Kristina Roepstorff, Sarah Wittkopp.


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