Introduction to an African Philosophy
The Ntu'ology of the Baganda
Mutaawe Kasozi, Ferdinand
2010, 112 S, Kt, (Alber)
Bestell-Nr. 149945

24,00 EUR

By offering a topical rather historical presentation of an unique African philosophical reflection on physical and immaterial reality, the author of this book underscores the relevance of African systems of thought to philosophy. Consequently, the book centres on four focal issues:
What are the meanings of Ntu'ology and Baganda Ntu'ology?
Does the Ntu'ology of the Baganda offer an inimitable description of being, time and space?
What is the Baganda Ntu'ological impression of the human being, knowledge, relations, and destiny as well as of human and spiritual beings' interconnections?
How does the Ntu'ology of the Baganda portray the modality of being and values?
This text should give scholars an introduction to yet another African philosophical system of thought.


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