Sovereign Justice
Global Justice in a World of Nations
Aurélio / de Angelis / Queiroz (Hg)
2010, 259 S, Gb, (Gruyter)
Bestell-Nr. 150644

129,95 EUR

Sovereign Justice collects valuable contributions from scholars of both continental and analytic tradition, and aims to investigate into the relationship between global justice and the nation state. It deals therefore especially with the moral relevance of national boundaries and cosmopolitanism. It is organised in four sections.

The first section deals with cosmopolitan approaches to global justice, with regard to which Kok-Choir Tan's article presents an overview over the current state of the art, the challenges that cosmopolitanism is currently facing, and its relationship and contrasts with other theoretical strands. Etinson's article attempts to clarify the concept of cosmopolitanism. De Angelis's contribution aims to assess the current argumentative state of the art.

The second section discusses more specific normative issues. The contributions included in this section deal with global egalitarianism, the moral relevance of national boundaries, global moral and political obligation, and the relationship of national sovereignty and global justice.

The third section deals with the contribution of Rawls's work to the current debate on global justice. It also contains an article that deals with the Kantian "aesthetic judgement" - a topic already developed and made famous by Hannah Arendt - and its relevance in the context of international political theory - recently pointed out by Alessandro Ferrara's increasingly influential work.

Finally, section four deals with economic justice and discusses principles of economic equality in times of globalisation and Pogge's idea of a global resources dividend.

The book presents both a useful assessment of the state of the art and valuable contributions to its advancement. The articles will be of great use both for scholars and for students.


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