Bernhard Irrgang: Critics of Technological Lifeworld
Collection of Philosophical Essays
Tripathi, Arun Kumar (Hg)
2011, 152 S, Kt, (Lang)
Bestell-Nr. 151334

36,95 EUR

We live in a technologically mediated lifeworld and culture. Technologies either magnify or amplify human experiences. They can change the ways we live. Technology has been woven into the social and cultural fabric of different cultures. German phenomenologist philosopher Bernhard Irrgang for than 2 decades engaging with the questions, what role does technology play in everyday human experience? How do technological artefacts affect people's existence and their relations with the world? And how do instruments, devices and apparatuses produce and transform human knowledge? Along with Albert Borgmann, Larry Hickman, Don Ihde, Carl Mitcham, Hans Poser, Peter-Paul Verbeek, Walther Zimmerli, contemporary German philosopher of technology Bernhard Irrgang provides a useful vocabulary for understanding the ways we relate to technology and to the world through technologies in different cultures.
Contents: Preface by Arun Tripathi - Paradigmatic Shifts in the Contemporary Philosophy of Technologies - Social and Ethical Aspects of Biotechnological Practice - Technological Development and Social Progress - Technology Transfer as a Transcultural Modernization: What Can Philosophers of Technology Contribute? - Ethical Action in Robotics - Epistemology of Biotechnology - Justified Trust in Technology - Postphenomenological Investigations to Brain Research.


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