Kant: Here, Now and How
Essays in Honour of Truls Wyller
2011, 299 S, Kt, (Mentis)
Bestell-Nr. 230139

48,00 EUR

Immanuel Kant’s influence on modern philosophy can hardly be overestimated. A significant part of modern philosophy may be categorized either as neo-Kantian in a narrow or broad sense, or as developed in dialogue or contrast with Kant’s ideas. In this anthology we find examples that fit into all of these different categories. The first of the anthology’s two parts deals with Kant’s theoretical philosophy, focusing on topics such as language, space and time, subjectivity and agency. The second part contains different articles within practical philosophy: on the relation between Kantian ethics and virtue ethics, between Kantian ethics and medical ethics, aesthetics and ethics, and on moral aspects of war resistance. The anthology is put together in honour of the Norwegian philosopher Truls Wyller, who celebrates his 60th birthday this year, and who has made extensive efforts towards rethinking Kantian ideas and making them relevant to contemporary philosophy.
The authors:
Geert Keil, Solveig Bøe, Ronny S. Myhre, Thomas Krogh, Dagfinn Dybvig, Erling Skjei, Bengt Molander, Jonathan Knowles, Audun Øfsti, Olav Asheim, Anton Koch, Karen M. Nielsen, Lars Johan Materstvedt, Lars Ursin, Brit Strandhagen, and Olaf Müller


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