An Introduction to Scholastic Philosophy
Medieval and Modern Translated by P. Coffey
Wulf, Maurice
2012, 327 S, Kt, (Ontos)
Bestell-Nr. 231419

39,00 EUR

The object of the book is to meet and combat false conceptions, to co-ordinate true notions, and so to furnish the reader with some general information on the old and the new scholasticism. The advantage of the book is its two-sided perspective that contains historical investigations about the ancient sources of the scholastic philosophy and the decline from it. But it contains also a systematic perspective by which the doctrines of the scholastic philosophizing are collected systematically. Therefore this book is an scholarly introduction into the scholastic philosophy dedicated for undergraduate’s.

Maurice De Wulf, 1867-1947, a Thomistic philosopher, professor of philosophy at the Catholic University of Leuven, is one of the pioneers of the historiography of medieval philosophy.


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