Wittgenstein in Translation
Exploring Semiotic Signatures
Gorlée, Dinda L.
2012, 368 S, Gb, (Gruyter)
Bestell-Nr. 231457

109,95 EUR

The volume reveals the depths of Wittgenstein's soul-searching writings – his "new" philosophy – by concentrating on fragments in ordinary language and using few technical terms. It applies Wittgenstein's methodological tools to the study of multilingual dialogue in philosophy, linguistics, theology, anthropology and literature. Translation shows how the translator's signatures are in conflict with personal or stylistic choices in linguistic form, but also in cultural content. This volume undertakes the "impossible task" of uncovering the reasoning of Wittgenstein's translated texts in order to construct, rather than paraphrase, the ideal of a terminological coherence.


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