Between Reinhold and Fichte : August Ludwig Hülsen's Contribution to the Emergence of German Idealism
Posesorski, Ezequiel L.
2012, 223 S, Kt, (Karlsruhe UP)
Bestell-Nr. 232628

38,00 EUR

This monograph discusses the importance of A. L. Hülsen's only book for the history of early German idealism. The Wissenschaftslehre is Fichte's "response" to the objections of Schulze-Aenesidemus to Reinhold';s early Elementarphilosophie. Hülsen, a Fichtean thinker, restructured many aspects of Reinhold's system which Fichte left intact. In 1797, Fichte recognized Hülsen as a partner in the development of his system, thus acknowledging his contribution to the emergence of German idealism.


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