Theories of Metaphor Revised
Kessler, Stephan
2013, 150 S, Kt, (Logos)
Bestell-Nr. 315140

34,00 EUR

Literary and linguistic research touching on matters about metaphor and imagery has increased within the last thirty years. However, theoretical studies dealing with the functioning of metaphor are still rare. Scholars often develop their theoretical approach to metaphor regarding their special goals of analysis only. In addition, a few explanatory models are ubiquitous: Substitution, analogy-theory, elliptical simile, transferred meaning, the theory of interaction, and conceptualism.

In his theoretical sketch Kessler gives a discursive criticism of the existing models of metaphor and he offers a review of conceptualism. What has once been denoted rhetorical metaphor has been changed completely by concepttualism: ``Metaphor'' itself has become a metaphor. Here, the well-known models of metaphor have induced Kessler to dedicate deeper pragmalinguistic thoughts to the functioning of tropes. In Kessler's study conceptualism is perceived through the eyes of its most prominent supporters, Lakoff and Johnson.
Stephan Kessler is professor of Baltic languages and literatures at the University of Greifswald.


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