Handbook of Neuroethics
Clausen / Neil (Hg)
2014, 990 S, Print + eReference, (Springer)
Bestell-Nr. 324301

1.004,73 EUR

Neuroethics – as a multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary endeavor – examines the implications of the neurosciences on human beings in general and on their self-understanding and their social interactions in particular. The range of approaches adopted in neuroethics includes but is not limited to historical, anthropological, ethical, philosophical, theological, sociological and legal approaches. Based on the study of neuroscientific developments and innovations, examined from different angles, this Handbook provides a comprehensive overview of the international neuroethical debate, and offers unprecedented insights into the impact of neuroscientific research, diagnosis, and therapy.

This Handbook deals with a plethora of topics divided into in three parts: the first part contains discussions of theories of neuroethics, identity, free will, as well as other philosophical considerations. The second part is dedicated to issues involved in current and future clinical applications of neurosciences, such as brain stimulation, brain imaging, prosthetics, addiction, and psychiatric ethics. The final part deals with neuroethics and society and includes chapters on neurolaw, neurotheology, neuromarketing, and enhancement.


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