Umar b. Sahlan Sawi
Three Logical and Phiosophical Treatises
Karimi zanjani Asl / Dadkhah (Hg)
2013, 194 S, Abb, Kt, (Goethe & Hafis)
Bestell-Nr. 354445

29,90 EUR

The present work contains three logical and philosophical treatises of Umar b. Sahln Sw (d. after 537/1143): F Taqq naq al-wujd (Concerning the Contradictory of Existential Proposition), al-Tawiat fi al-mujizt wa al-kirmt (An Introductory Statement on Miracles and Divine Graces) and Nahj al-taqds (the Way of Divinity). Ibn Sahln Sw is a little-known Iranian philosopher and non-Aristotelian logician of the six century A.H. His works, written both in Persian and Arabic, represent the vibrant intellectual activity in Iran after the severe attacks of Muammad Ghazl (d. 505/1111) and his successors against philosophy. Sws writings throw light on the challenges concerning Ibn Sns views, and the question of how the attention of the philosophers in the Islamic world turned gradually from al-Shif to al-Ishrt wa al-tanbht in the six century A.H. Sws logical and philosophical doctrines had effect on outstanding figures like Shihb al-Dn Yay Suhraward (d. 587/1191), Fakhr al-Dn Rz (d. 606/1209), Nar al-Dn s (d. 672/1274), Shams al-Dn Muammad Shahrazr (d. after 686/1287) and Mull adr (d. 1050/1640).


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