Sense, Meaning and Understanding
Towards a Systematic Hermeneutical Philosophy.
Przylebski, Andrzej
2013, 176 S, Kt, (LIT)
Bestell-Nr. 373164

29,90 EUR

The author takes seriously the claim of Herbert Schn├Ądelbach (originally expressed by d'Alembert) that even if we condemn the philosophising in systems, we are still obliged to philosophise systematically. Thus, Przylebski tries to develop a systematic hermeneutical theory, based on Gadamer, Heidegger, Dithey and Ricoeur. He analyses different issues connected with this project, which for him, constitutes a new prima philsophia, such as: understanding as the main categories of modern anthropology, the notion and the limits of hermeneutical reason, and the hermeneutical view on ethics and on the sciences.


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