Problems of Normativity, Rules and Rule-Following
Araszkiewicz / Banas / Gizbert-Studnicki (Hg)
2014, 460 S, Gb, (Springer)
Bestell-Nr. 374226

139,09 EUR

This book focuses on the problems of rules, rule-following and normativity as discussed within the areas of analytic philosophy, linguistics, logic and legal theory. Divided into four parts, the volume covers topics in general analytic philosophy, analytic legal theory, legal interpretation and argumentation, logic as well as AI& Law area of research. It discusses, inter alia, “Kripkenstein’s” sceptical argument against rule-following and normativity of meaning, the role of neuroscience in explaining the phenomenon of normativity, conventionalism in philosophy of law, normativity of rules of interpretation, some formal approaches towards rules and normativity as well as the problem of defeasibility of rules. The aim of the book is to provide an interdisciplinary approach to an inquiry into the questions concerning rules, rule-following and normativity.
Part I: Philosophical Problems of Normativity and Rule Following.- 1. Rules, Norms and Principles: A Conceptual Framework; Paul Boghossian.- 2. Separating Rules from Normativity; Jaap Hage.- 3. Communalism, Correction and Nihilist Solitary Rule-Following Arguments; William Knorpp.- 4. Knowing Way Too Much: a Case against Semantic Phenomenology; Krzysztof Poslajko.- 5. The Meaning of Normativity of Meaning; Leopold Hess.- 6. On the Kantian Background of “Kripkenstein” Rule-following Paradox; Przemyslaw Tacik.- 7. Rules as Patterns Between Normativism and Naturalism; Piotr Kozak.- 8. Normativity and Rationality: Framing the Problem; Joanna Klimczyk.- 9. Rules and Rights; Tomasz Pietrzykowski.- Part II: Normativity of Law and Legal Norms.- 10. Rules and Normativity in Law; Brian Bix.- 11. Obligation: A Legal-Theoretical Perspective; Stefano Bertea.- 12. On Obligations, Norms and Rules; Dietmar von der Pfordten.- 13. Philosophy, Neuroscience and Law: The Conceptual and Empirical, Rule-following, Interpretation and Knowledge; Dennis Patterson, Michael S. Pardo.- 14. Gunman Situation, Vicious Circle and Pure Theory of Law; Monika Zalewska.- 15. Rules as Reason-Giving Facts: A Difference-Making-Based Account of the Normativity of Rules; Peng-Hsiang Wang and Linton Wang.- 16. Rules, Conventionalism and Normativity: Some Remarks Starting from Hart; Aldo Schiavello.- 17. Are Fundamental Legal Reasons Internal? A Few Remarks on the Internal Point of View; Adam Dyrda.- Part III: Rules in Legal Interpretation and Argumentation.- 18. The Normativity of Rules of Interpretation; Tomasz Gizbert-Studnicki.- 19. Legal Interpretation as a Rule-guided Phenomenon; Pawel Banas.- 20. To Whom does the Law Speak? Canvassing a Neglected Picture of Law’s Interpretive Field; Paolo Sandro.- 21. Interpretation and Understanding in Law. The Complexity of Easy Cases; Ralf Poscher.- 22. The Ordinary Meaning of Rules; Brian G. Slocum.- 23. Blindly Following the Rules: Revisiting the claritas Doctrine; Hanna Filipczyk.- 24. Why Legal Rules are not Speech Acts and what Follows from that; Marcin Matczak.- 25. The Validity of Moral Rules and Principles as a Legal Problem; Andrzej Grabowski.- 26. Implicatures within the Legal Context – a rule-based analysis of the possible content of conversational maxims in law; Izabela Skoczen.- 27. Why are Words not Enough? or a Few Remarks on Traffic Signs; Michal Dudek.- IV. Rules in Legal Logic and AI&Law.- 28. In Defense of the Expressive Conception of Norms; Andrei Kristan.- 29. Rule-following and Logic; Jan Wolenski.- 30. Negating Rules; Giovanni Battista Ratti.- 31. Legal Rules: Defeasible or Indefeasible?; Michal Araszkiewicz.- 32. The Role of Argumentation Theory in the Logic of Judgments; Marcelo Ceci.- 33. Towards Multidimensional Rule Visualization; Vytautas Cyras, Friedrich Lachmayer.


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