EPSA Philosophical Issues in the Sciences
Launch of the European Philosophy of Science Association
Suárez / Dorato / Rédei (Hg)
2014, 332 S, Kt, (Springer)
Bestell-Nr. 374896

171,19 EUR

This volume collects papers presented at the Founding Conference of the European Philosophy of Science Association meeting, held November 2007. It provides an excellent overview of the state of the art in philosophy of science in different European countries.
Callebaut, W. Contingency and Inherency in Evolutionary Developmental Biology
Falkenburg, B. Wave-Particle Duality in Quantum Optics
Felline, L. Remarks on a Structural Account of Scientific Explanation
Ferreirós, J. Mathematical Knowledge and the Interplay of Practices
Frisch, M. Causal Models and the Asymmetry of State Preparation
Graßhoff, G. and A. Wüthrich Bell-type Inequalities from Separate Common Causes
Hartmann, S. and P. Suppes Entanglement, Upper Probabilities and Decoherence in Quantum Mechanics
* Hendry, R. The Chemical Bond: Structure, Energy and Explanation
Idabouk, G. Randomness, Financial Markets and the Brownian Motion: A Reflection on the Role of Mathematics in their Interaction with Financial Theory After 1973
Kistler, M. Mechanisms and Downward Causation
Krohs, U. Epistemic Consequences of Two Different Strategies for Decomposing Biological Networks
Morganti, M. Individual Particles, Properties and Quantum Statistics
Okasha, S. Evolution and Directionality: Lessons from Fishers Fundamental Theorem
Savitt, S. Relativity, Locality and Tense
Sieroka, N. A Weylian Approach Towards Theories of Matter: Dynamic Agents and Geometrisation
Sinigaglia, C. Mirroring and Understanding Action
Sus, A. Absolute Objects and General Relativity: Dynamical Considerations
Votsis, I. Making Contact with Observations
Werndl, C. The Formulation and Justification of Mathematical Definitions Illustrated By Deterministic Chaos
Worrall, J. Do we need some large, simple randomized trials in medicine?
Zinkernagel, H. Causal Fundamentalism in Physics
Castellani, E. Dualities and Intertheoretic Relations
Dieks, D. Are ‘Identical Quantum Particles’ Weakly Discernible Objects?
Healey, R. Gauge Symmetry and the Theta-Vacuum
Lehmkuhl, D. Matter(s) in Relativity Theory
Pooley, O. Substantive General Covariance: Another Decade of Dispute
Szabó, L.E. Empirical Foundation ofSpace and Time
Zilhao, A. Incontinence, Honouring Sunk Costs and Rationality


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