The Ethics of Patriotism
A Debate
Kleinig / Keller / Primoratz
2015, 200 S, Gb, (Wiley)
Bestell-Nr. 375068

77,90 EUR

The Ethics of Patriotism presents a tightly focused, detailed, and comprehensive discussion of patriotism as an important philosophical issue; the text engages with the extensive literature on the subject, including the most recent contributions to the debate about the nature and moral credentials of love of, or loyalty to, one's country and polity. The unique approach taken within this book brings together the differing perspectives of three leading figures in the philosophical debate. John Kleinig argues that patriotism is a virtuous form of loyalty and self-understanding; Simon Keller argues that patriotism is a vicious form of self-deception; and Igor Primoratz makes the case for a restricted, ethical form of patriotism. Each of the three authors states his case, and then responds to the arguments of the others. Thus the three major positions engage with one another in a way that is both critical and constructive, and make a joint contribution towards a better understanding and more judicious evaluation of all the main types of patriotism. The text is up-to-date, accessible, and vigorous in its presentation of the major views and arguments, presenting the only sustained, dedicated debate on patriotism and its ethical status.


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