In Search of Human Dignity
Essays in Theology, Ethics and Education
Sporre, Karin
2015, 272 S, Kt, (Waxmann)
Bestell-Nr. 375312

32,90 EUR

Our human dignity can be taken from us in unjust relationships, which makes resistance and a search for dignity necessary. This search can take place in different ways – in this book through academic studies in theology, ethics and education. Human dignity relates to human rights, which are also explored here; moreover, perspectives from gender and postcolonial theory inform the studies. The reflection on human dignity ends in a discussion of education, making the book a resource in addressing contemporary value issues in education. This collection of lectures, articles and papers covers a certain time period. In the texts particular themes recur, which contributes to continuity and coherence. The focus of more recently written chapters takes the discussion in new directions.


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