Annäherungen an Immanuel Kant in Wien, in Österreich und in Osteuropa
Waibel, Violetta (Hg)
2015, 649 S, zahlr. Abb., Kt, (V&R)
Bestell-Nr. 376372

84,99 EUR

Detours explores the reception of Kant’s works in Vienna, Austria and Eastern Europe from a historical point of view and focuses on six topics: Kant and Censorship, Kant and Karl Leonhard Reinhold, who was the first Kantian born in Vienna and became a precursor for German and Austrian Kant reception in Jena, Kant and Eastern Europe, Kant and his Poets, Kant and Phenomenology and Kant and the Vienna Circle. In this way, the ambivalent perception of Kant in Austria becomes clearer: On the one hand Kant was censored and criticized harshly but on the other hand Kant's philosophy was studied actively in the “underground”.


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