The BritishJournal of the Philosophy of Science
Vol 68, Issue 1
2017, 304 S, Kt, (OUP)
Bestell-Nr. 381686

20,00 EUR

Tadelloses Ex.

- Mechanistic Explanation in Systems Biology: Cellular Networks (D. Matthiessen)
- Consciousness, Intention, and Command-Following in the Vegetative State (C. Klein)
- Confirmation via Analogue Simulation: What Dumb Holes could tell us about Gravitiy (Dardashti / Th├ębault / Winsberg)
- On the Significance of the Gottesman - Knill Theorem (M.E. Cuffaro)
- The Principal Principle Implies the Principle of Indifference (Hawthorne / Landes / Wallmann)
- The Physics and Metaphysics of Primitive Stuff (Esfeld / Lazarovic / Lam)
- Unificatory Explanation (M.J. Nathan)
- Indigenous and Scientific Kinds (D. Ludwig)
- Categorical Generalization and Physical Structuralism (Lal / Teh)
- The Principal of Indifference and Inductive Scepticism (R. Smithson)
- Computer Simulation, Measurement, and Data Assimilation (W.S. Parker)


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