The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science
Vol 67, No 3
2016, 933 S, Kt, (OUP)
Bestell-Nr. 381687

20,00 EUR

Tadelloses Ex.

- Time Remains (Gryb / Th├ębault)
- "Genetic Coding" Reconsidered: An Analysis of Actual Usage (U.E.Stegmann)
- Constitutive Relevance, Mutual Manipulability, and Fat-Handedness (Baumgartner / Gebharter)
- Behavioural Deception and Formal Models of Communication (G. McWhirter)
- True Nominalism: Referring versus Coding (Azzouni / Bueno)
- Functional Independencs and Cognitive Architecture (V. Bergeron)
- Symmetry as an Epistemic Notion (Twice Over) (S. Dasgupta)
- Epistemic Benefits of Elaborated and Systematized Delusions in Schizophrenia (L. Bortolotti)


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