Being Human
Medicus, Gerhard
2017, 2.A., 216 S, Gb, (VWB)
Bestell-Nr. 380133

30,00 EUR

What makes humans human? How are body and mind connected, and how are the sciences of the body connected with the sciences of the mind?
Evolution has left its traces on both the body and the soul. For this reason, accumulated evolutionary knowledge is a useful and indispensable underpinning for a better understanding of humans: social behaviour, moral consciousness, aggression and the inhibition of aggression, attachment behaviour, learning and intellect, political judgment and activity, as well as behavioural differences due to gender. The interlacing of nature, culture and mind is visible in all realms of humanness/human nature/humanity. This knowledge can help to expand our behavioural freedom, and with that, our freedom to act responsibly.


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