Categories, Creation and Cognition in Vaisesika Philosophy
Kumar, ShashiPrabha
2018, 196 S, Gb, (Springer)
Bestell-Nr. 383049

80,24 EUR

The proposed book presents an overview of select theories in the classical Vaisesika system of Indian philosophy, such as the concept of categories, creation and existence, atomic theory, consciousness and cognition. It also expounds in detail the concept of dharma, the idea of the highest good and expert testimony as a valid means of knowing in Vaisesika thought. Some of the major themes discussed are the religious inclination of Vaisesika thought towards Pasupata Saivism, the affiliation of the Vaisesika System to the basic foundations of Indian philosophical thought, namely Veda and Yoga, and their insights into science, hermeneutics and metaphysics. In addition, this book includes recent Sanskrit commentaries on key Vaisesika texts and provides a glimpse of Vaisesika studies across the world. Overall, this book enunciates the Vaisesika view from original sources and is an important work for Vaisesika studies in current times for serious students as well as researchers.


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