NietzscheĀ“s Pragmatism
Essays on Perspectival Thought
Gori, Pietro
2019, 230 S, Gb, (Gruyter)
Bestell-Nr. 381596

99,95 EUR

During his late period, Nietzsche is particularly concerned with the value that mankind attributes to truth. In dealing with that topic, Nietzsche is not primarly interested in the metaphysical disputes on truth, but rather in the effects that the "will to truth" has on the human being. As for him, it is actually the "faith in a value as such of truth" that influenced Western culture and started the anthropological degeneration of the human type that characterizes European morality. To call into question the value of truth is therefore necessary, if one wants to help mankind to find her way in the labyrinth of nihilism. Gori explores the origin and aim of Nietzsche's late perspectival thought. The investigation takes into account both theoretical and historical elements, and especially focuses on the epistemological debate that influenced Nietzsche. As a result, the book provides a contextual reading of the issue that supports the idea that Nietzsche's attitude in addressing the problem of truth is, in a broad sense, pragmatic.


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