Philosophy of Nature in Cross-Cultural Dimensions
The Result of the International Symposium at the University of Vienna
Hashi, Hisaki (Hg)
2017, 512 S, Kt, (Kovac)
Bestell-Nr. 380945

139,80 EUR

This is the collected work of the "International Symposium: Philosophy of Nature?, given in May 2016 at the University of Vienna, organized by the "Verein für Komparative Philosophie und Interdisziplinäre Bildung / KoPhil? in Vienna. The elaborated documents by the 30 authors from Europe, Russia, East Asia, Northern America and Oceania aim to create a barrier-free dialogue between philosophers, human- and natural scientists. Focusing on interaction and productive communication, the collected documents present a model of the interdisciplinary research in cross-cultural dimensions in a global world.


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