Physical (A)Causality
Determinism, Randomness and Uncaused Events
Svozil, Karl
2018, 219 S, Gb, (Springer)
Bestell-Nr. 381644

53,49 EUR

Part I Embedded observers, reflexive perception and representation: Intrinsic and extrinsic observation mode.- Embedded observers and self-expression.- Reflexive measurement.- Intrinsic self-representation.- Part II Provable unknowns: On what is entirely hopeless.- Forecasting and unpredictability.- Induction by rule inference.- Other types of recursion theoretic unknowables.- What if there are no laws? Emergence of laws.- Part III Quantum unknowns: "Shut up and calculate".- Evolution by permutation.- Quantum mechanics in a nutshell.- Quantum oracles.- Vacuum fluctuations.- Radioactive decay.- Part IV Exotic unknowns: Classical continua and infinities.- Classical (in)determinism.- Deterministic chaos.- Partition logics, finite automata and generalized urn models.- Part V Transcendence: Miracles.- Dualistic interfaces.- Part VI Executive summary: Executive summary.- Appendix A: Formal (in)computability and randomness.- B: Two particle correlations and expectations.


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