Practical Intellect and Substantial Deliberation
In Seeking an Expressive Notion of Rationality
Yuan, Cheng
2018, 255 S, Gb, (Springer)
Bestell-Nr. 381445

96,29 EUR

This book maintains that the human intellect mutually consists of the cognitive-mental dimension and other embodied-internal components of human beings (emotion, perception, desire, etc.), by investigating practical forms of thinking such as deliberation, planning, decision-making, etc. The explicit critiques of intellectualism prevalent today make the detached notion of rationality and formalized understanding of human intellect highly problematic. Providing a thought-provoking, significant diagnosis of "pervasively reflective-intellectual culture? (Bernard Williams), the book renews classical propositions such as "rational animals? and traditional understandings of the nature of human rationality with the metaphor of "architecture.? Methodologically, it not only reconciles the phenomenological-hermeneutic tradition with analytical approaches, but also integrates various theories, such as moral psychology, emotional study, action theory, decision theory, study of performativity, music philosophy, tacit knowledge, collective epistemology and media theory. Further, its use of everyday cases, metaphors, folk stories and references to movies and literature make this book easy to read and appealing for a broad readership.


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