The minimal self
Glasgow, Rupert
2017, 392 S, Kt, (W├╝rzburg UP)
Bestell-Nr. 380389

34,90 EUR

'Self' is a term that is much used but often poorly understood or over-hastily dismissed. In The Minimal Self R.D.V. Glasgow seeks to unearth the underlying nature of selfhood. Glasgow's approach is based upon the notion of 'intrinsic reflexivity', which manifests itself in three fundamental forms: self-maintenance, self-reproduction and self-containment. Through a conceptual analysis of selfhood, Glasgow aims to ascertain what distinguishes full forms of minimal selfhood from entities such as genes and viruses that are merely selfish or self-like. The idea is to establish the logical prerequisites for the transition from a world bereft of selfhood to one populated by selves like us. Minimal selfhood thus provides a bridge linking philosophy, biology and other disciplines that have previously failed to coincide in their understanding of what a self is.


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