Unity of Body and Soul or Mind-Brain-Being?
Towards a Paradigm Shift in Modern Concepts of Personhood
Knaup, Marcus
2018, 600 S, Kt, (Metzler)
Bestell-Nr. 382645

64,19 EUR

The relationship between our living body and our soul, our mental expressions of life and our physical environment, are both classical topics for discussion and ones which currently present themselves as part of a truly exciting philosophical debate: are we today still able to speak of a "soul?? And what is meant by a (living) body (German: "Leib?)? Does our brain dictate what we will and do? Or do we have free will? Why are we the same people tomorrow that we were yesterday? Given the discoveries of the modern neural sciences, can human beings still be understood in the context of the unity of body and soul? Or should we rather define ourselves as mind-brain beings (German: Gehirn-Geist-Gestalten)?


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